Promote your products & services into a profitable business

Training business owners how to monetize online and on social

Promote Your Products & Services into a Profitable Business

Training business owners how to monetize online and on social



"Can this happen to me?"

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that today your business is going to receive another steady stream of sales and leads.  

Imagine never having to worry about where your next sale will come from.  

Imagine what it feels like when you’re able to focus on running your business, doing what you love, because your marketing is effectively taken care of.

That's what happened to me.

Sales didn't always come this easy.

I'm telling you this because I know what it is like working everyday and all day, and at the end of the month your sales does not reflect your effort.

Today, I know what it takes to market & monetize products and services into profitable business.

But before I tell you that story, let me tell you this one.. almost a decade ago..

I was folding clothes in my dorm room getting ready to drive 4 hours to vend at an event.

I unpacked when I got to the venue, set up my table inside and then prayed that I broke even at the end of the event.

You see.. I had no actual way of selling.

So, here I was doing the most but at the end of the month, you could hardly tell looking at my bank account.

My business was failing because I became the bottle neck. And that's real.

And then I learned about this underground world..

By now you know how important social media is to your business. 

Many people use social media to connect with friends and family, but that's just one way to use it.

Another, is to use it to grow your business quickly and drive more visibility and traffic to your offer.

With no email list, no social following..

You can use social media and advertisements to get in front of your ideal customers anywhere and anytime.

Getting more orders and traffic to your business is simple using the right systems. 

With more than 3 billion monthly active users, this is a guaranteed way to put your business in front of customers.

You've tried it your way, now try it a different way.. 

Traffic begins to slow down. And eventually sales stop. Using all 30 hashtags on Instagram just isn't an effective marketing strategy anymore.

Closing the gap requires you to move closer to your vision for your business. And up to this point, you continue losing money and leaving it on the table because you have not found a way to monetize and maximize your potential revenue.

So... let's find out what led you here..  

You've spent the last few months creating and building your offer to launch with no marketing strategy or ways to consisently generate sales. You don't need more prayer, you need a strategy..

 That's why I created Power Your Launch Virtual Marketing Accelerator For Business Owners 

Power Your Launch is a virtual marketing accelerator for Founders. 

During our 6 weeks together you'll lean how to market & monetize your online business profitably, so you can, stand out in your niche, and earn consistent and predictable income.

Here's what's Inside

Part 1: The Course

Step-by-step videos to help you create funnels, marketing campaigns, sales strategy for your business.

Easy to follow and each week you gain access to a new module to complete. Watch high dynamic videos that make complex more digestible. Get an easy to execute plan to get your business running quickly.  

Part 2: The Community

Live 24/7 support in our private community of founders from around the world

  • Share ideas with other business founders 
  • Connect with accountability partners in different stages of business
  • Learn what's working (& not working) for other founders in various niches

Part 3: The Coaching

Group Coaching Calls to get your questions answered LIVE and workshops 

Getting stuck? Join me on our group coaching calls, and we'll walk through your launch, process, or sales strategy to make sure it's perfect. Also, receive tailored support during our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls. I'm 100% all in to making sure you succeed and are equipped with the right skills. 

Group Coaching Calls happen Wednesday from 7-9pm EST

"I don't even know where to begin. I never thought it would be possible making $15,000 in less than 3 months!! Abu challenged us and it was extremely hard because we had built a lot of bad habits. But being able to have access to him, the trainings, and his knowledge literally made all the difference for our business. For the longest, Base Butter was just a small indie beauty brand who struggled making $500 a month but now we're making $5,000 a month!"

-She'Neil Johnson, Founder of Base Butter

Here's What You'll Learn:

Module 1: Outline your Offer, Customer & Seller Profile 

  • Understanding that your audience is at the core of creating ads that convert, working backwards to understand their psychographics
  • Learn how to identify your ideal customers and how to find them so you can put ads in front of them 
  • Identifying your offer and the unique selling points that will resonate with your audience
  • Understanding your customers objections and paint points to better serve themDetermine your sales goals  

Module 2: Setting Your Sales Goals & Activities 

  • Learn how to create a sales plan for the year that you’ll use as your guide to reach your goals.
  • Create actionable steps and activities you’ll need to focus on to reach your sales plan.
  • Breaking down the numbers from each quarter, each month, each week and what it takes to actually reach your sales goalsUnderstanding that your audience is at the core of creating ads that convert, working backwards to understand their psychographics.

Module 3: The Launch Pipeline and each sales cycle: pre-sale, launch, and post-launch

  • Learn how to begin pre-selling your offer without creating it.
  • Learn what it takes to have a full blown successful launch for your business.
  • You’ll learn how to create high converting assets: such as sales pages, email sequences, copy and scripts, etc.
  • Putting your launch on auto-pilot, what it takes to bring in consistent income after your launch

Module 4: Building Relationship Funnels & Understanding The Buyer Journey

  • Learn how to create funnels that direct your customers on a personalized journey while communicating each step of the way.
  • I’ll show you how to craft your message to your audience based on their placement along your journey.
  • Learn what it takes to send your customer to the “purchase” page without coming off as ‘salesy’.
  • I’ll help you build you first visual funnel where we can see your process from end to end to better tweak it and increase conversionsLearn how to begin pre-selling your offer without creating it.

Module 5: Creating Your Profitable Ad Strategy & Beginning of Campaign Development 

  •  Ads don’t work unless you have a rock solid strategy. This module shows you how to implement an effective strategy for your business. 
  • We’ll tie in your offer, audience, message and funnel to put together a solid ad strategy for your ad campaigns
  • I’ll show you how to understand your objectives based on your approach. 

Module 6: Getting Your Ads Up and Running And Setting up Your Dashboard 

  •  We’ll build an entire ad campaign together from end to end.
  • I’ll show you the ads manager dashboard and the 20% of it you’ll learn to focus on in order to make your first five figure month
  • You’ll learn how to read the dashboard and to understand how your ad is communicating with your website and Instagram & Facebook.

Module 7: How to Increase Conversions and Scale Your Business 

  •  I’ll show you how to run some effective retargeting ads for your business
  • We’ll focus on the importance of Look-a-like audiences and how you can leverage them to quickly scale your business.
  • Learn how to identify a winning ad and scaling techniques to begin increasing your sales.

The biggest advantage of this marketing accelerator is that you won’t have to do it alone! You’ve been working alone for quite some time in your business. You’ve been so in your business that sometimes it’s hard to take a step back to plan, strategize, and figure out how to grow or scale. Well here’s your chance to do just that. We’re in business to make money and others are hoping their business becomes a full-time job for them.  

The other advantage is that you’ll know what to do when it comes to monetizing your business online. No more guessing about marketing or driving sales. You need a marketing strategy.  

"Can you say Amazon Best Seller in 24 hours?! Abu was truly heaven sent! I heard so many great things about him months before approaching him to help me launch my first book. I told him I had never done this before but I wanted to really hit the ground running when I launch. He spent everyday helping me plan this launch and designed the entire marketing strategy behind it. Abu knows the ins and outs of marketing and monetizing online. We are still working together till this day."

-Tonya Rapley , Founder of MyFabFinance

Meet your instructor..

Since 2011, Abu Fofanah has trained brands including ones in the 100 Million Dollar Investment fund, New Voices Foundation which hosts brands like The Honey Pot, Mented Cosmetics, NaturalClub, Afropunk on digital marketing and monetization. Helping more than 30,000 entrepreneurs, Abu is on a mission to empower entrepreprenurs with the digital marketing skills in order to bootstrap their company to consistent streams of revenue. 

Previously at a prominent digital marketing agency, he worked with & coached hundreds of clients and created campaigns that generated millions of visbility and sales. 

Abu currently runs his Power Your Launch Marketing Accelerator which has helped over 300 Women of Color founders from various industries. He’s the prominent industry expert around paid advertising and digital strategy.

Where are you in your business?

You believe in your idea, you’ve done your research, and you know there’s a market for your business. Now you need to build a profitable business around it.

"I've been in business for few years but sales only come in occasionally."

"I have a new product or service I want to launch but I just don't know how to approach it."

"I recently introduced the world to my business but I don't have the sales to show for it."

"I'm struggling with making consistent income month after month. I have to discount just to make sales."


Get the following when you enroll today...

Ad Prep Aacademy (Valued at $1200)

Learn how to scale your business quickly by using Facebook and Instagram ads. The exact strategies I've used to save tons of money by running more efficient ads.

Module 1: How to SELL with Facebook & Instagram Ads Module 2: The ONE thing you must set up for before ads Module 3: Crafting the right OFFER Module 4: Launching your ads Module 5: Writing Ad copy that RESONATES Module 6: Finding and targeting your PERFECT Audience Module 7: Building high converting sales funnels Module 8: Funnel check and SCALING

Master The Gram (Valued at $199)

Learn how to turn your instagram into a LEADS generating machine and turn your followers into subscribers. Gain the skills to increase traffic to your website and expand your visiblity to new audiences.  

Module 1: Setting up your Instagram for GROWTH Module 2: How to turn your followers into LEADS Module 3: Strategy behind running succesful IG ads

Holiday Boom (Valued at $199)

Learn how to increase your sales during the holidays by implementing the proper email sequences, copy, and sense of urgency needed. Just copy and paste the sequences that are already created for you and use it in your business. 

My Thousand Dollar Ad Strategies: Let me give you the blueprint and give you a guide to get your first few ads up and running. ($199 Value)

No more guessing on what you should do first. After this video training, you'll be ready to launch your first few profitable ads. 

Launching A Webinar Scripts: The Scripts and email outlines you need to sell your products ($199 Value)

Get an outline of my exact email scripts, outline, and what you need to do in order to be successful.

Building websites that convert: Outline and Video showcasing the most important things ($199 Value)

Have you ever wondered what the highest converting websites all have in common? Get the blueprint on how to build your website with the top most critical pages.


What are people saying..

I'm old school.. not a techie...but the easy way Abu Fofanah approaches online marketing has made it less threatening. I've learned so much from this class! I love the interaction, live sessions and instant feedback. This is a wonderful investment for any business!! - Mildred, CEO of DermHA

"My biggest challenge was getting my thoughts and ideas to make sense enough to fit my business. Working with Abu gave me clarity on the WHAT to truly focus my efforts on. I went from about $900 for a 20 hour monthly retainer to well over $4k secured. You really know how to take our "mental chaos" within business and turn it into a simple step by step process that just makes sense."  

- Neosha, CEO of Huncreative

“I always feel empowered and capable after our sessions together. Abu is very compassionate but he is always very knowledgeable in what he does. He doesn’t just give you the resources that you need or tell you what you he thinks you want to hear, he listens, he understanding and he’s proactive in making sure you’re getting all that you need to be your best self. I now have a full client roster of reputable business and brands and a huge part of that is from working with Abu and incorporating his knowledge and strategy into my business”  

- Amber, Creative Consultant

“Abu helped me put my launch strategies in place. My biggest obstacle was wrapping my brain around the proper strategy for a funnel. He helped me think through my funnel and what valuable opt in incentive to provide and how to generate leads and make sales. With his help, I was able to create a funnel strategy that can be tested and tweaked for other products. I left with a solid to-do list, several opt-in incentives, and the proper strategy to implement and reach my goals.”

- Michlle, CEO of Michelle Perez Events

Let's do this together! Ready to commit?